Ignoring Home Repairs Can Be Costly

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ignoring home repairs can cost you lemont il real estate tips

Lemont IL home repairs are nothing to scoff at.  Ignoring them could cost you.  Lemont IL real estate agent Chris Budz.

A leak in the roof can be a real pain in the neck, and catching puddles in pots and pans might seem like a smarter idea for your piggy bank now, than completely re-roofing the house.  However, take a look at the potentially sky-high costs of ignoring repairs as opposed to facing problems head-on with long-term solutions.  The results may surprise you.ignoring home repairs can cost you lemont il real estate tips

Fire Hazards

Out-of-date electrical systems

Quick fix: Install curcuit interrupters – $125/each

Long-term: Professionally upgrade electrical wireing – $446

Faulty outlets or appliances wiring

Quick fix: Install surge protectors – $50/each

Long-term: Rewire and/or replace outlets – $94/each

Smokey Chimney

Quick fix: Clean chimney and fireplace regularly – $0

Long-term: Hire professional chimney sweeping service – $127

Average cost of damage: $31,762

Estimated cost of prevention: $842

Water Damage

Broken pipes and appliance failures

Quick fix: Replace failed supply hoses with PVC pipes – $20

Long-term: Install steel braided hoses on appliances – $100

Overloaded rain gutters

Quick fix: Clean your gutters – $0

Long-term: Get gutters cleaned professionally – $175

Rampant tree roots

Quick fix: Use drain treatments to stunt growth near pipes – $20

Long-term: Professionally remove tree stumps – $236

Average cost of damage: $6,965

Estimated cost of prevention: $551

Bodily Injury

Loose tiles, bricks, or other issues

Quick fix: Use industrial glue to secure tiles – $5

Long-term: Professional repair and replacement – $129

Pool, trampoline, or dangerous dog

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Quick fix: Buy a pool cover and remove trampoline – $30

Long-term: Install fence around pool or dog area – $592

Unsafe driveway or yard

Quick fix: Sweep driveway and remove debris from yard – $0

Long-term: Professionally repair driveway – $240

Average cost of damage: $18,351

Estimated cost of prevention: $996

Risk of Crime

Protect valuables and belongings

Quick fix: Lock sliding doors with wooden dowel or pole – $5

Long-term: Install a professional home security system – $778

Broken or cracked windows

Quick fix: Repair broken window and clean up – $164

Long-term: Window replacement and installation – $323

Securing exterior of home

Quick fix: Professional hedge trimming – $99

Long-term: Install motion lights around your home – $150/each

Average cost of damage: 3,231

Estimated cost of prevention: $1,519

Weather Damage

Wind damaged roof shingles

Quick fix: Regularly inspect roof for loose shingles – $0

Long-term: Have roof professionally inspected – $184

Tree branch and hailstone damage

Quick fix: Repair or replace damaged shingles – $197

Long-term: Professional tree trimming – $257

Ice build-up / leaky roof

Quick fix: Weather strip home exterior to prevent leaks – $169

Long-term: Install attic insulation and venting – $379

Average cost of damage: $6,476

Estimated cost of prevention: $1,186

Trust your Realtor, your home will get sold soon. Good Luck !

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