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lemont il real estate agent on sealing

Sealing and Saving with Lemont Illinois Real Estate Agent


lemont il real estate agent on sealing

If heat or air conditioning is escaping your home, you will no doubt see the effects on your energy bill. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, sealing your home will be one item to add to the to-do list. Buyers want a home that is insulated well and is energy efficient. Knowing the areas to look for leaking air can be challenging for some. Here are the typical areas to check outlined by Lemont IL real estate agent Chris Budz.

Time for New Windows

One of the most common places that air can escape is through the windows. Single pane windows aren’t as efficient as more advanced options like storm windows. Check around the casement for leaks. If you find significant gaps or cracks it might be time to invest in new windows. One observation as a Lemont real estate agent is that a window upgrade is one that can increase the value of your home. If you’re not up for replacing your windows, try using a plastic film or even insulated blinds to save energy.

Out the Door

Another common area that heat and air conditioning can get out is through the doors. Check around your door for gaps. If you find leakage under the door, you can install a seal. In the case that there is a significant amount of space that allows air to escape, it might be time for a new door. This is another upgrade that will help the sale of your home as well. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to a new door, and it can add to your curb appeal as well. Helping sellers prepare for the market as a Lemont Illinois real estate agent includes easy upgrades like this.

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Other Areas

If you have a fireplace you might do some investigating to find leaks. Make sure the flue is closed. If you don’t use your fireplace, it is a good idea to seal it. Sometimes the flue won’t provide a complete seal. This can be replaced if needed. Helping sellers as a Lemont real estate agent includes knowing when to turn to the professionals. When making changes to your fireplace it is best to consult a professional for the right replacement. The attic is another area to check. If you find condensation in the attic know that it can affect your roof as well. Last, check the basement. Water that freezes in the winter can cause cracks to form in the cement. These can be mended without much cost.

One last thought on sealing your home to increase energy efficiency is to check the condition of your insulation. Areas that have damaged or worn insulation will likely let heat escape. For more help preparing your home to sell contact Lemont Illinois Realtor Chris Budz.


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