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October 3, 2017
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staging tips from lemont il real estate agent

Lemont Illinois real estate agent Staging Tips

staging tips from lemont il real estate agent

Preparing your home for the market can be an extensive endeavor. Spending the time and energy to de-clutter, clean, repaint, and tend to needed repairs is a lot to do. It may be tempting to just get it on the market at this point, especially if you need to sell by a certain deadline. However, it is important to do a good job staging your home before taking those interior photos. Experienced Lemont Realtor Chris Budz provides some of the top reasons as to why this is an important step.

More Online Traffic

These days the first place that your home will be seen in online. Thus, it is critical that you get quality photos of your home and put together an honest yet stirring listing. Rely on your trusted real estate agent to help with this presentation. By staging your home before the photos are taken you will be able to maximize their effectiveness. One of the benefits of staging is that you are helping potential buyers imagine what life might be like for them living in your house. A certified staging consultant will know current interior design trends and what buyers are currently looking for. If your photos contain your décor, art, and family photos the wrong message is sent to online home shoppers.

More Visits

The more traction that is gained by online shoppers the more visits you will have to your home. When buyers see a well-staged home presentation the word can spread. The job of the staging consultant is not only to reveal the amount of space in a home, but also to include some “wow” elements to make an impressions. By incorporating furniture and accessories that add interest to a room buyers may walk out of the house having been impacted and excited about the possibilities. The result of such an impact can mean more visitors and better offers.

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Better Appraisal

The purpose of the home appraisal is to determine the value of a property. When a home is staged properly the chances of the home being appraised at a higher value is increased. There is no guarantee here, however, when a home is presented as well-maintained it contributes to an overall impression of value.

More Profitable

In the end, taking the time to stage your home well before putting it on the market will have an effect on several aspects of the selling process and can result in a higher return. When you get more traffic checking out your home online the potential for more visitors increases. With more visitors comes more offers. This can mean that you will get more for your home. When it comes to selling, presentation cannot be over-estimated.

For help preparing your home for the market contact experienced real estate agent Chris Budz.

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