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Source: Pest Inspections

Pest / Termite Inspection:

Buyers will be inspecting for pest / termites and dry rot conditions in your home.  This inspection must be performed by a Licensed Pest Company, there are many in this area and prices will vary.  Most Lenders that a Buyer may use will require this inspection.  They may also require that any Section One work be completed and certified that it has been done properly.  Your home must be free and clear of any Section One findings and a certification issued for Lender approval.  The cost for the inspection is typically around $100 – $150 and negotiable on who pays.  Although required work is an extra cost.  Ask if you have any questions.

Items on the Pest/Termite Inspection report will include:

Diagram of the home

The inspector will complete a drawing of your home and on that drawing he will indicate any issues that he may find.  They will be numbered in sequential order for easy reference.

Description of findings

On the pages following the drawing the inspector will then verbally explain each individually numbered finding.  He will also label the finding Section One, Section Two or Further Inspection Needed.  He will also write his recommendations needed to correct the issue for Pest Clearance.

Section One, Section Two & Further Inspection

Section One Findings are any active infestation of bugs; this could be termites, ants, beetles and more.  It also refers to “dry rot” which is a condition of the wood that makes the wood member soft and unusable.

Section Two Findings are any condition that exists that would eventually lead to a Section One Finding.  An example would be a leaky gutter that could lead to dry rot of the underlayment or earth wood contact that could lead to termite entering the home.

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Further Inspection Findings are conditions that prevented the inspector from completing his report.  Such as; a deck that is so close to the ground that he physically cannot crawl into that space, a leak that is behind a wall since he cannot see the source of that leak.  In these instances the inspector will call for Further Inspections by the appropriate inspector such as; a plumber, roofer, electrician and so forth.  Depending upon the condition these additional inspections may be required and costs negotiated.

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